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October 5th, 2007

11:56 am - Stick Insect updates
Not a lot going on at the moment so I thought I'd just post and let you know how my breeding stock of insects is getting on. Currently, I don't have many ova to offer from them, but I have some interesting hatchlings at the moment which, if they reach adulthood, will allow me to offer a rare new species:

Currently I have about...

PSG4 - Sipyloidea sipylus (Pink Winged Stick Insect) - 1 adult and 2 sub-adult nymphs (all female)
PSG5 - Medauroidea extradentata (Annam Stick Insect) - 5 nymphs (all female)
PSG9 - Extatosoma tiaratum (Macleay's Spectre/Giant Australian Prickly Stick Insect) - 1 nymph (female)
PSG173 - Neohirasea maerens (Vietnamese Spiny Stick Insect) - 11 hatchlings (unsexed)
PSG215 - Phaenopharos khaoyaiensis (Bud Winged Stick Insect) - 1 adult and 1 sub-adult (both female - adult currently laying)
PSG??? - Phasmotaenia spinosa (currently, these don't have an English name...) - 2 hatchlings (unsexed)

Unhatched ova (own breeding stock):

PSG9 - Extatosoma tiaratum
PSG118 - Aretaon asperrimus (Sabah Stick Insect)
PSG173 - Neohirasea maerens
PSG215 - Phaenopharos khaoyaiensis
PSG??? - Phasmotaenia spinosa

Ova for sale:

PSG118 - Aretaon asperrimus (limited supply!)
PSG173 - Neohirasea maerens (limited supply!)
PSG215 - Phaenopharos khaoyaiensis


Is a very cool word. Better than Phasmids (the correct name for Stick Insects). I thought I'd add these to the bottom as I now also have two baby telodeinopus aoutii (African Olive Millipedes). Currently they are only about 8-10cms long but when adult they should be between 7-9inches. They're very cute, but currently unsexed as they're too damn fast.
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September 13th, 2007

09:12 pm - Almost free
My last day of work is tomorrow. Exciting stuff. Then one weeks 'holiday' before I go back to university.

Currently selling Vietnamese Spiny (neohirasea maerens) and Sabah (Aretaon asperrimus) ova. If anyone wants any, please contact me. Sadly, my Macleay's Spectre (Extatosoma tiaratum) male died before it could mate with my female so there will be no fertile ova for this summer. I've ordered some fertile ova for myself though, so I should be able to offer some later in the year.

Also thinking about buying a couple of millipedes for variation. Just trying to find some that won't grow to enormous sizes. Though if they do, I could saddle them up and ride into town...

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August 26th, 2007

03:05 am - Sticks for sale...
Finally got myself a good number of Sabah ova, so they're now on offer. If you want any, or any of the Vietnamese Spinys', just left me know.
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August 16th, 2007

08:02 pm - Stuff...
AmeCon is over for another year, and I have come back with many things I don't need - Pocky, Menchi plushie, Keroro Gunso model kit, more manga than I can carry... Expect photos soon, though I have yet to unpack my camera cable so it could take a while...

I also have received some rare stick insect eggs of the species Phasmotaenia Spinosa. These insects are only bred in captivity by a handful of people so I very much hope to get a culture going so that I can offer them for sale. They are a large and very beautiful species that can be kept in the same kind of conditions as Macleay's Spectre. For more information, visit Bruno's website --> http://phasmatodea.blogspot.com/
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August 8th, 2007

11:42 pm - Outlands!
Kaylea the Holy Priest has finally reached level 58 and taken her first few steps into Outlands! I'm so proud... After these first few steps, she was set-up on and mercilessly beaten by orcs, but she made it and that's all that matters :D
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August 1st, 2007

07:30 pm - Still alive...
Hi everyone.

Still alive here. Not much to report really.

I've started rereading the Harry Potter books from the beginning as it's been so long since I read the rest of the series that parts of book 7 made no sense to me. 'World of Warcraft' however, has taken over my life, as I am now level 56 which means in two levels time I will be able to access Outlands - the higher level part of the game that only came in with the 'Burning Crusade' expansion pack. Exciting stuff.

Other than that, I'm just still working in Primark and counting down days to the Con. Watching Harry Potter 5 the other day also inspired my imagination a bit, so I've been thinking of how I'd rewrite 'Tameizar' more. I pretty much have thought up the entire story now, so I'll try and start getting it down once I've reached Outlands.

In house news, the flying ants are finally all dead. Hooray!

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July 26th, 2007

09:49 am - I'm a JPG
You are .jpg You are very colorful.  Sometimes you forget things, or distort the truth.  You like working with pictures more than words.
Which File Extension are You?

Stolen from Kamui-kun
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July 25th, 2007

07:32 pm - Dammit!
How hard is it to find a toy candelabra, or even single candle holder?

Your mission, do you choose to accept it, is to find me a toy candle holder. It must be very lightweight - prefferably plastic, definitely not wood or metal - so I can carry it at the con without anyone stopping me because it could be used as a weapon.

If you find one, I'll let you play with Beezelnef.
Current Location: Norwich, Norfolk
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: 'Byakhee, Byakhee' from 'Shoggoth on the Roof'

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July 22nd, 2007

01:57 pm - Harry Potter
Finally finished Harry Potter, so don't need to worry about spoilers any more. It was an adequate conclusion to the series, I felt, though she did seem to skim over some elements slightly in the build up to the ending. And did all of those people really have to die? The death toll seemed to consist of people we hadn't heard of and major characters who just seemed to drop dead for no readily apparent reason other than the fact that she wanted the book to be darker.

Anyway, the fallen characters listed behind the cut, we salute you!

SPOILERS!!!Collapse )

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July 18th, 2007

09:59 am - The Great Dosing Ball Race (pt 2)
And so the race is on! Which brand of dosing ball will be the first to arrive to my shiny new house in Norwich and how long will it take? Cast your votes now!

The brands included in the race are:

Fairy non-bio

For more information about the Great Dosing Ball Race, please read my previous journal --> http://damned-warrior.livejournal.com/105917.html?mode=reply
Current Location: Norwich, Norfolk
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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