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July 25th, 2008

09:17 pm - Kingdom Hearts marathon - player's log
As Rupert, Nick, Jen and I settle down to begin our marathon run-through of 'Kingdom Hearts'; I have been ordered (by Nick) to sit and record how long it takes us to do every section of the game. As my 24 hour play of 'MouseHunt' (http://apps.new.facebook.com/mousehunt/) begins at midnight as well, I will also be using this space to make a note of how many mice I catch from that time onwards.

Beyond here lie many spoilers. You have been warned...Collapse )
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June 24th, 2008

Not long now!

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June 20th, 2008

12:37 pm - I'm a shark

I'm Kim and
I'm a Hammerhead Shark.

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March 14th, 2008

12:42 pm - 1 week later...
I have now been playing Pokémon Diamond for almost a week, and so I thought I should share my states so far...

After a hard weekend's playing, my Pokemon Diamond stats are looking like this:

Gym Badges - 7
Pokémon Seen - 131
Pokémon owned - 77 (+ Eevee who isn't in the Sinoh Pokédex)


Sky the Staraptor (lvl 40)
Tonic the Floatzel (lvl 41)
Anky the Torterra (lvl 42)
Ember the Rapidash (lvl 42)
Gaspar the Gengar (lvl 42)
Sparks the Luxray (lvl 42)

I've also now caught the legendaries Dialga, Uxie and Azelf. Mesprit keeps eluding me...

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March 10th, 2008

03:08 pm
After a hard weekend's playing, my Pokemon Diamond stats are looking like this:

Gym Badges - 4
Pokémon Seen - 86
Pokémon owned - 48 (+ Eevee who isn't in the Sinoh Pokédex)


Tonic the Floatzel (lvl 28)
Anky the Grotle (lvl 28)
Ember the Ponyta (lvl 28)
Saurey the Cranidos (lvl 29)
Sky the Staravia (lvl 29)
Sparks the Luxray (lvl 30)

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March 8th, 2008

03:52 am - DS Hooray!
Finally, I have managed to scrape together enough money to buy a Nintendo DS. Consequently, the last nine hours have been spent playing Pokémon Diamond. I am much liking the fact that the buildings are all now 3D, and the return of the day/night cycle.

As I now give up and go to bed, my team consists of:

Flint the Onix (lvl 14)
Tonic the Buizel (lvl 14)
Moris the Kricketune (lvl 15)
Sparks the Luxio (lvl 15)
Anky the Turtwig (lvl 15)
Sky the Staravia (lvl 16)

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January 22nd, 2008

11:41 am - Kim's trip to London
This weekend, I visited London. Not exciting for most Englanders, but as I am from the frozen north I have not been to London since I was about eight. Therefore, I thought I would record my childish glee for you all. I've put it in an LJ cut as it's fairly long and has a few spoilers for the musical 'Monty Python's Spamalot'.

I am not yet deadCollapse )

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January 5th, 2008

12:36 pm - EverQuest II vs World of Warcraft
Having played 'EQ2' for about a week, it is obvious that both it and 'WoW' have some good points and some bad points.

'EQ2' may not be as bright and cartoony in graphics as 'WoW', but it is very beautiful. The textures on scales and armor are gorgeous, as is the effect of light on water. All the characters are also a lot more impressive and customisable than those in 'WoW', and there are 16 races and 24 classes to chose from for more variety of play. For anthro lovers, there are far more anthropomorphic races too - frog-people, tiger-people, lizard-people, rat-people and dragon-people (where as there are only cow-people in 'WoW'). On top of these you have your usual selection of humans, dwarves, faeries, drow etc.. 'EQ2' is also superior in the avaliability of quests. Unlike 'WoW', where you were forced to take on quests from several different areas of the globe at once if you wanted to level, the faster leveling and large ammount of quests avaliable in any given area of the world in 'EQ2' mean that there is no monotonous griding and always plenty of things to do. I also preffer the proffessions system in 'EQ2' which has you manually making your items by hitting buttons at specified times to prevent mistakes. You also start off being able to do any proffession and remain able to do so until about skill level 16 and so this gives you ample time to decide which ones are more useful to your character before you specialise.

However, in 'WoW' everything is so much easier. Using the Auction House, learning proffessions working out how the hell you learn new skills - 'EQ2' leaves you to discover absolutely nothing. It also seems that 'EQ2's creators wanted you to play a good race, as so much more effort has gone into the creation of the good starting area. Starting as a Kerra, I had my first few steps explained to me and the first city I reached (Qeynos) is a beautiful medieval castle. Starting off as an Iksar I felt thrown in at the deep-end and was disappointed to find out that my major city (Nerriak, the City of Hate) was a dank, undetailed pit. In this aspect, 'WoW' is superior because both the Alliance and the Horde start off equally. The interface of 'WoW' is also a lot more attractive and easily navigatable than its equivilent in 'WoW'. 'EQ2', also, is not as impressive in battle. My character is currently a level 12 Kerra Fury, which is kind of like a Fury-specced Druid in 'WoW'. This means that she can turn into three animals - a tiger for melee combat, a wolf for spell-casting and an ent (bizzarely) for healing spells. However, these animals look no where near as impressive as her original form, and have no special abilities of there own. They just slightly increase certain stats when you shapeshift into them. Seemingly pointless... My major gripe with 'EQ2' however are the damn loading screens. In 'WoW', there are only loading screens as you log in, as you cross the sea and as you enter an instance. Each of these screens lasts no longer than 10 seconds. In 'EQ2', there is a loading screen every time you enter a new area, and these screens can last for up to 3 minutes. In a large area like Qeynos, which is split into 10 sectors, this is utterly infuriating as it can take the best part of fifteen minutes to get to where you want to be.

However, complaints aside, I am finding that the enjoyability of 'EQ2' is far outweighing its bad-points and so it is well worth a look at if you're sick of 'WoW'.
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January 2nd, 2008

10:49 pm - Bye bye, WoW!
Happy New Year, everyone.

Guess who's given up 'World of Warcraft' (for now)! As I'm sick to death of guilds obsessed with Karahzan, and trying to level up a 100% holy priest in Outlands, I've switched to 'EverQuest 2' for a while. I got to play on it for a whole 2 hours as well before the game decided it needed more patches. Oh well... My character is a level 8 Iksar Necromancer called Tiama on the Splitpaw server if you happen to play.

Not much more news. Only 11 more days until my 21st birthday, and 'Guitar Hero 3' is strangely addictive...
Current Location: Ulverston, Cumbria, England
Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: 'Paint it Black' by The Rolling Stones

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October 14th, 2007

10:56 pm - Absolute muffin
Finally seen all of 'Life on Mars'. Felt that the ending was a little unsatisfying, but other then that it was a great series. I especially liked the one-liners of DCI Gene Hunt. Especially the one about the "I really really like you murders". Great stuff.

Saw the first episode of 'Demon Bane' at long last too. Am intregued enough to want to see more. Nothing quite like having the Necromonicon as being a young lolli girl and Herbert West as a green haired rock star...

In video games, I am currently replaying 'Final Fantasy VII' for the eighth time. Am currently about to retreive the Huge Materia from Rocket Town and am trying to breed Chocobos. Never had the patience to get a gold chocobo before. Currently have had a couple of greens and lots of normal ones. My chocobo seem unwilling to give be a blue one though...

Have also started playing 'Pokemon Ruby' on my GBA. Strangely addictive stuff, as I have been gone from the world of Pokemon for so long that I don't recognise any of the pokemon any more. My fearless team currently consists of:

"Higurashi" the Nincada - lvl 7
"Nanako" the Poochyena - lvl 9
"Akira" the Ralts - lvl 9
"Dave" the Treecko - lvl 10
"Sky" the Taillow - lvl 10
"Kamome" the Wingull - lvl 10

It's also harder than I remember Pokemon games being. First Gym Leader has level 15 Pokemon. And they're all rock-type. Wish I'd chosen the water Pokemon at the start now...

Mmmm...'Okami' soundtrack makes good listening too...Doesn't really fit with the tone of 'The Monk', but oh well...
Current Location: Norwich, Norfolk
Current Mood: calmcalm
Current Music: 'Okami' BGM

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